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We are Experience Express


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Only your time!

Experience Express  is a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting those 40 years+ find full, part time or contract employment, training and work experience and making it easy for employers to source suitable and reliable employees


12 good reasons to employ a mature employee....

  •  They have built up a wealth of life, work skills and experiences.
  •  They have a strong work ethic and are prepared to go that extra mile.
  •  They like to get their work completed on time-every time.
  •  They are loyal to their employer.
  •  They are reliable, responsible and stable.
  •  They are punctual all the time.
  •  They have less absenteeism.
  •   They are focussed in their work and are not      easily distracted.
  •  They are experienced problem solvers.
  •  They relate to older customers.
  •  They act as positive role models for the less mature staff.
  •  They are keen to be in, and stay in employment.

What more could you ask for in a top quality employee!

Mission Statement

To raise the profile of mature jobseekers in our community and assist them into work, training or other activities to enhance their job prospects and increase their value as an employee.


To assist those 40+ who are unemployed or work less than 30 hours per week to make a successful transition into the paid work force and become self-supported.

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